Memorial Day

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Memorial DayMay 26, 2018 by JV Venable 10 Comments Many nations set aside days to celebrate the end of wars or major battles, and to honor those who fought in them. Memorial Day in America is different in that it doesn’t celebrate veterans—we have a different day set aside for that. Memorial Day was designed to celebrate and…

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Heroes Among Us


Heroes Among UsNov 25, 2016 by JV Venable 3 Comments It was July of 1936. Ensign John Bulkeley boarded a Wilson Lines overnight steamer in Norfolk, Virginia, bound for a long weekend in Washington, D.C.  As he stepped into the ship’s galley, he noticed several well-dressed Japanese men in the center of the room.  The steward…

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Wind the Clock


Wind the ClockNov 11, 2016 by JV Venable 13 Comments Flying in-and-of-itself is not inherently dangerous, but it is terribly unforgiving. When the weather suddenly deteriorates, a fire light illuminates the cockpit, or a routine task runs afoul, flying’s unforgiving nature can pump a pilot’s system with competing hormones that quicken reflexes — and cloud…

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Avoiding the Blame Game


Avoiding the Blame GameOct 28, 2016 by JV Venable 10 Comments The pilots briefed the mission, preflighted the two-seat F-16D, and taxied to the end of the runway.  There they noticed a problem that would cause them to abort that jet, but “Fuze,” the pilot in the front seat, and “Bogie,” the instructor in the…

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A Slice of Turkish Humble Pie


A Slice of Turkish Humble PieOct 14, 2016 by JV Venable 12 Comments It was my first deployment in one of the most unforgiving peacetime environments in the world – my first operational fighter squadron. The weather was bad and our formation of four jets was forced to fly a pretty complicated instrument procedure into…

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Delivering More than Technical Traction

Delivering More than Technical TractionSep 30, 2016 by JV Venable Leave a Comment My first three months in Spain were a whirlwind. Aside from getting myself settled into a new country, finding a new home and adapting to a foreign lifestyle, I had to learn the procedures associated with my new base and its special…

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Aggressively Learn Your Job


Aggressively Learn Your JobSep 19, 2016 by JV Venable 9 Comments Many people step into a new job with the expectation they will be taught everything they need to know to execute their duties. If your profession is very technical then the educational foundation for your new job will likely be strong. Fighter pilots, architects,…

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Establish Big Expectations


Establish Big ExpectationsSep 02, 2016 by JV Venable 4 Comments Everyone wants to get off on the right foot in a new job and there are two things you can do make that happen with your boss. Each is designed to align your words with your actions: Be on time and, state your intentions. Be…

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Getting off on the Right Foot


No matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished in your life, your credentials will only gain you entry into an organization. From there it’s up to you to establish your value to your team and their appraisal begins with your commitment. You’ll learn how when you read…

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