aboutcrowdThere are just 18 inches between the ventral fin on my jet and the tip of the tail of the next in the formation above.

With an exceptional level of trust, each pilot would not just close to that distance, they could absorb a foot of inadvertent movement to baffle out inevitable turbulence.  In that sense, the way each followed was inextricably linked to the way they led those in their wake, and the surge of momentum that came with their proximity was as emotional as it was aerodynamically real.  We were drafting.

Drafting was stumbled on by stock car racers at Daytona 500 who figured out that two cars running close together, nose-to-tail, could sustain a speed that was faster than either car could achieve on its own, even momentarily.  While the concept relies on closing the gaps to reduce the drag between vehicles, it is equally powerful for reducing the turbulence caused by gaps between the individuals and entities within your organization.  Generating closure will allow your team to out accelerate the competition and elevate performance to all time highs.