Breaking the Trust Barrier

The incredible sensation that came with putting the Thunderbird Delta on it’s back in a graceful roll was ripe with emotion, but the effect was so much more than that – there’s power there. The collective effects of six jets flying at arms length brought efficiencies we’re only now beginning to understand within the concept of Drafting. Drafting relies on a leader making first contact with the elements for the organization, and team being close enough to the leader to shift the drag created by the lead jet to the wings of the trailers.  Any leader worth their salt, sets the direction and makes first contact with the elements to ease the efforts of those who follow. The speed, efficiency and overall effect of the team beyond relies on closing the gaps between you and those that follow in your wake. This presentation will help you master the associated dynamics, further interaction and accelerate your team beyond its visible potential. One hour, tailored presentation

The Thunderbird Way

The Thunderbirds have mastered the art of filling their ranks with high performers and solidifying them into a fire breathing team to execute a mission conducted at the extremes of performance and risk. The process that brings them together inspires individuals to run at a seemingly unsustainable pace without expectations for the tangible incentives available in the corporate world. The secrets revealed in The Thunderbird Way will directly impact the unity and retention you now enjoy and elevate your team’s performance to an all-time-high. One hour, tailored Keynote presentation.

Climbing Out

Do you think anything is possible… anything?  When you’re on top of the world, do you dream even bigger, and know – genuinely know you’ll own that brass ring? Even when the foundation you’ve been standing on crumbles, do you believe you’ll be a dominant force again when many believe you won’t even survive?   Attitude is everything in life, and that attitude has allowed some to achieve their biggest goals in spite of enormous obstacles.  It with a powerful vision and the belief that anything’s possible. This presentation is about building or rediscovering that dream, and the steps you need to take to bring it home.  It’s delivered by a man who has beaten back a few demons to capture his own. One hour Tailored presentation.

The Thunderbird Way Seminar

Built on the foundation of the Thunderbird Way, this seminar weaves the bonding elements of commitment, loyalty, and trust into a hands-on experience. The presentation combines hands-on exercises with interactive engagements to deliver a plan of action that will unify & inspire the team surrounding every player in the room. (Keynote presentation, plus 1-3 hour tailored seminar)

Onboarding for Success

Commitment is the demonstrated will to deliver for the team around you.  The unity, performance and trajectory of top performing organizations begins with exceptional onboarding programs that delivers your commitment to a new hire during the most critical period of their tenure with you.  This presentation will give you and the leaders around you a step by step process for building a program that doesn’t just give new hires the traction they need to come up to speed with your team.  It will be a foundation for what will be the job of their lifetime.   One hour Tailored presentation.