JV Venable

aboutjvEver meet someone who has captured his childhood dream?  “JV” came across his biggest dream when he was just 4 years old.  He went on to fly fighter aircraft all over the world, graduate from the Air Force’s Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun) and lead teams and organizations as large as eleven hundred people at the highest ends of performance and risk in peace, and in combat. Most notably was his time as the Commander and Demonstration Leader of the USAF Thunderbirds.

He is a powerful speaker and coach who will help you bring out the best in your organization, your family, and in you. He lives with his beautiful wife in Northern Virginia.

Author, Breaking the Trust Barrier

breaking_the_trast_barrierThis readable, dynamic book holds the keys to leading organizations, teams, families, and even the friends around you. It delivers a repeatable, step-by-step process to building cohesion and furthering the momentum of any team in any profession.

From college graduates stepping into the business world to orthopedic surgeons leading O.R. teams, the stories will help you lead – and follow – in a way that will further every personal and professional lane of your life.

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Reader reviews

“Building High Performing Teams Through Selfless Leadership Commitment”

“Of the hundreds of leadership books I have read and referenced over the years, this book stands out as exceptional, if not exemplary. The thread that runs through John Venable’s work is humility and a commitment to help others…”
– Bruce Wright, LtGen, USAF (Retired)

“The most enjoyable book on leadership I have ever read.”

“JV Venable’s new book dives into the lessons he learned as an Air Force officer – both good and bad – and how they helped shape the leadership style that he would implement over his amazing career. His unique perspective of practical, yet powerful, ways to develop a high performance team grabbed me from page 1 and I devoured the book in a single setting…”

“Thunderbird Leader brings his leadership acumen to everyday leaders”

“When your life depends upon tightly knit teamwork and superb leadership, you learn it well. JV Venable has lived this experience as a leader of the Thunderbirds. He brings to life the leadership lessons from his extraordinary career. Not many people can speak to leadership from his vantage point. A great read for anyone who wants to understand the relationship between loyalty, commitment and trust to develop high performing teams.”
– Julie L. Thompson

“A Great Read For Leaders”

“I just finished reading an advance copy of JV’s new book “Breaking the Trust Barrier”. Within 24 hours I facilitated a Team Building Event for a very diverse group of 75 employees in my MRO program in Saudi Arabia. Last night I completely rewrote the theme and used Commitment, Loyalty, and Trust as the basis for my exercise for a very broken team…”
– Richard “Pappy” Lander (CMSgt Ret USAF)