Colonel John “JV” Venable, USAF (Retired) has led individuals and organizations just like yours at the highest ends of performance and risk, in peacetime and in combat. He has turned around teams that were in trouble, and inspired organizations that were seemingly on top of their professions to reach even higher. JV has led in trenches and from within the C-suite, and his message will resonate with and further every tier within your organization. You’ll find no more genuine, successful or dynamic leader to inspire the best from your best.


  • Leadership
  • Developing Followership
  • Team Development
  • Enticing Team Alignment
  • Generating Unity and Closure
  • Inspiring High Performance
  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Coaching Leaders to Reach for More


About the Book: Breaking the Trust Barrier

This readable, dynamic manuscript breaks the mold of every leadership book on the market in its approach to leading organizations, teams, families, and even the friends around you. It lays bare the nerve endings of team dynamics, then reveals how to fire them up for everyone’s benefit through the forceful effects of Drafting. The book demonstrates and embeds in its readers a repeatable, step-by-step process that will further the momentum of any team by generating closure between the people around you. You discover a systematic approach to building momentum by closing the gaps within an organization, and can adapt the approach to fit virtually any situation.

Breaking the Trust Barrier reaches out to a  wide audience, from sales managers to chief operating officers, from orthopedic surgeons to college graduates stepping into their first leadership role. You might pick up this book to learn a tip or two about leadership. You will also get methods and enduring stories that resonate in practically every moment of your day-to-day life.

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